Capacitive Circuits

Our products and services satisfy even the most complex costumers’ demands and expectations.

Using a process we developed in-house, we are integrating capacitive sensors, antennas and other conductive structures into 3D-preformed IML films. Our molding facilities then back-inject these special inserts with plastic to create the finished product. Our company has been awarded with the Innovation Award for Central Germany.


With our know-how we influenced the IML Technology.

Utilizing insert foils produced from diverse materials we can offer high definition graphics, increased hard-coat capability, back-lit illumination and easy customization.


Equally we can produce decorative parts for you with the IMD technology (In Mould Decoration). The Nissha Group is a leading supplier for IMD.


We are able to produce low quantity prototype parts with very short lead times utilizing our specialist laser cutting technology also allowing the capability to optimize production tooling specifications.

2 Component Moulding

With currently 13 2-Component injection moulding machines we have the possibility to produce various parts for the automobile industry, the medical industry and for the electronics and domestic appliances.


According to your needs, we can assemble your products. Our assembly process is highly automated.

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